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Summer Style Lookbook: 3 ways to Style the Skort

Is it a skirt? No. Is it shorts? No. It's a skort. Bellow, you can find 3 ways of styling this fabulous number, by Rosa Fairfield

Photographs by Linda Smith

I love the wrap skort, it is such a versitile piece, which is easy to create muliple looks with so you can wear it again and again in new ways.

The sarong

If you wrap the train around you and tie it at the side, you create a sarong effect. This is a more practical way of wearing the outfit if you are worried about the train dragging on the floor - or if you suddenly decide to make a spontaneous trip to the beach.

The culottes effect

This is one of my favourites. If you take both sides of the train and tie them in a knot at the centre, just bellow your waist, it looks as if you are wearing culottes. A great option if you are out and about and the temperature drops.

The mini skirt

If you take the two bottom corners of the train and wrap them around your waist, on opposite sides, and tuck the ends in, you have created a mini skirt. This is a nice, warm summer day look - and there are no problems if its windy.


Do you have any other styling suggestions? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments bellow.