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Fashion Lookbook & My Summer Self-Care Routine

Self-care should always be made a priority. Looking for some inspiration? Then check out my summer self-care routine bellow, with my tropical inspired outfit shoot, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith

My physical summer self-care routine

Hair - I'm currently using Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Leave In Conditioner and 360 Nourishment Treatment mask, once a week on different days. After washing my hair, I run a pea-sized amount of Avon Advanced techniques 360 nourishment hair serum through the tips of my hair. 

To create beach waves, I first french plat my slightly damp just-washed hair into two braids, which I sleep in over night. The next morning, I use my straightener - moving it backwards and forwards along an inch thick section of hair (making sure I use heat defence spray first). I only do this for the very top layer of hair. I finish off by using hair spray and applying a small amount of Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine to the ends.

Beauty - I try to stay away from using foundation in the summer months, to give my skin a rest. I just use concealer to cover any imperfections and bronzer on my cheeks. My skin gets oily in the summer months, so I stay away from facial moisturisers. 

For my body, I use Avon Skin so soft body oil spray and Bath & Body Works warm vanilla sugar body lotion as my legs become dry in the summer. Also, don't forget the sun lotion. I was told that I should be wearing it every single day.

Exercise - In the summer, I switch the gym for my back garden. I'll put down a mat outside and do Ab and legs workouts daily, I use Blogilates for this. I also play golf once or twice a week, go swimming and jogging.

My mental summer self-care routine

Spend time outdoors - I find that my mood instantly brightens when I step outside on a nice day. Summer is the perfect time for this because of the warm and dry weather. It also gets you some vitamin D.

Reading books - I love reading, nothing beats having an old-fashioned physical-made-of-paper book in front of you. I love reading on the beach or by the pool in summer months. It's a great way to relax that gives me a much needed break from technology.

Dancing around the house - I have my summer-happy-songs playlist which I like to put on once in a while and dance around to. It's something that really brightens my mood.


What does your summer routine involve? I'd love the hear all about it so please comment bellow.