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Fashion & Bucket List: Summer 2017 Activity Ideas

I want an epic adventure filled summer. If you want one too, I've shared my summer '17 bucket list bellow, by Rosa Fairfield.

Photographs by Linda Smith & Rosa Fairfield

My Summer Bucket List

Summer is my favourite time of year, mainly because we don't really get much warm weather in England and everything looks nicer in the sunshine. I've always wanted to have an epic summer of fun, full of mini adventures. (I've been saying that for the last 5 years, so maybe this year I actually will.) Here are some ideas of fun things you can do this summer:

  1. Go to a hot air ballon show
  2. Go lavender picking
  3. Build a hammock
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Play lots of mini-golf
  6. Go horse riding
  7. Have a summer bonfire party
  8. Spend a day sitting on an outdoor swing
  9. Take pictures of hay bales
  10. Go and watch an outdoor movie
  11. Send the day at the beach and have a BBQ
  12. Try out some water sports
  13. Go wild swimming
  14. Do lots of yoga
  15. Have fun making ice-cream 
Thanks so much for reading, Do you have anything to add to my list? I'd love it if you could leave your ideas in the comment section bellow.

Dresses from Sammydress


This piece is one of my favourites, I love the bold colour and the summer boho vibe that the cut-out sections create.

The Pineapple Vibe

One of my favourite prints for summer is pineapples, it transports you to a tropical land. Right now, I'm loving pink and yellow pineapple prints because it's a great colour combination.