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Fashion Outfit Ideas: Animal prints

Hear me roar 

"Why not rock a cute animal print this Spring? Check out my wishlist picks of the week, by Rosa Fairfield."

I'm currently rolling with the animal theme, after my post earlier in the week. I'm also going crazy over the colour yellow. It's a trend that's in again this season. I love yellow because it's fun, happy and makes me think of the warm summer days to come.

Now, when I think yellow, I think bees. I'm loving the design of dress number 4 because the illustration is whimsical but ornate instead of having a cartoonish feel. Top number 2 is my favourite, I've been obsessed with butterflies ever since seeing the Alexander McQueen dress that ended up in The Hunger Games. It almost looks like lots of different butterflies have landed on that top. You can buy this top and more via the StyleWe website (link bellow).

Finally, I have a thing for snakes. Love them, have held a couple and had one wrapped around my shoulders. Ring number 6 has a creative design, as the loop of the ring hole is part of the snakes coiled body - such a cool effect. 

You can purchase all of these from StyleWe - they also have a blog, featuring awesome post such as: what is a romper and how to dress like a skater  (I was such an Avril Lavigne fan growing up).

Also, JustFashionNow have a get range of items, learn more about it here