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Fashion: Floral Pink Women's Summer Shoes

Shoes Glorious Shoes

"If you have a shoe obsession then this is the post for you, featuring my favourite floral shoes of the moment, by Rosa Fairfield"


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This is a sponsored post, what's more I hadn't even heard of this brand before I made this post. I debated if I should tell you this or not, in case I get any comments from people calling me a dishonest money-grabbing monster. Then again, that depends on how many people actually read what I write or just look at the pictures, which is what I sometimes do myself. 

Yes, this is a sponsored post but, when I was sent an email link to this company's website, I fell in love with their shoes and I wanted to share them with you. (No, I'm not just saying that because I'm being paid to, a little bit of cash doesn't suddenly make me abandon all my morals.) I love the fact that their shoes are both pretty and fun at the same time, which perfectly sums up my sense of style.

The flower shoes - 5 and 6 - are my favourite, I literally started to swoon when I saw them, shoes have that effect on me. They're actually wedding shoes, but I would happily wear them any day of the week. I love the 4 inch heelsstiletto heels sum up sophistication... I just wish I could wear the shoe style. Literally, I've owned quite a few pairs of stilettos over the years, but within a couple of days I'll break the heel. I'm not the most delicate of people. I tend only to bring them out for special occasions now so I don't destroy them. 

Also, oh my goodness, the company also have a shoe customisation service. It sounds so cool. I will be trying it out. You can either upload a picture of a pair of shoes you would like made or ask for a customisation of an existing pair. Seriously, I've been looking for something like this for so long; I've only either seen it for sneakers/trainers. 

They have a range of leopard print shoes - find them here. I like how they use it, designs with just the print on the heel or the body of the shoe. This creates something that's a little unusual and stops it from becoming overpowering.

On the website, they also have a great range of gladiator sandals. I really want a pair to create a cool boho look. Have you seen the ones with pompoms on... or should I go for a simple black pair... or how about some heeled ones? Help! I just can't decide, please leave your thoughts on this bellow, I need you. 

At the same time, I'm also loving ballet shoes, I was wearing ones I made myself long before they became popular. I also went through a faze of wearing actual ballet shoes outside. This is another debate I'm having... should I buy a pair, or should I buy a pair of flats and sew ribbon in myself, or should I go for the actual ballet shoes again?

Thanks so much for stopping by and if you managed to read this very long post, you get a round of applause from me.