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FASHION: Luxury Designer Handbag


NO. 14

The Wanderlust Collection
by Willique

"Discover why these stunning bags, by Willique, are perfect for the modern women who travels."

Photographs by Linda Smith



"Willique handbags embodies everything that embodies personality. You can see yourself in one of our pieces merely because it was tailored for you. Create your memories, your style, your personality and self with a Willique handbag" - Anya Willique (Designer)

I first discovered Willique handbags when I attended a fashion show, at The Library, London, in the Spring of last year. This handbag was one of the pieces showcased, in The Wanderlust collection. This collection encompasses the theme of travel, as you can probably guess by the name.  I instantly fell in love with this bag, as soon as I set eyes on it.

It spells out luxury for me. Even my Dad, who has no eye for designer fashion, could tell it was a well-made, high quality piece. But, what really makes this bag stand out, is the cute little picture and name, printed on the front. It gives the bag character and is truly unique.

The Conscious Collection features the latest work by the designer, which shows a move towards ECO-friendly fashion. You can find more out about Willique via the website: