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Fashion & Advice: bucket list ideas

Skirt from ChicMe


New Year Bucket List Ideas

"Learn how you can make this year the most fabulous yet, filled with travel, adventures and beautiful outfits."

Photographs by Linda Smith


Skirt from ChicMe

I've read so many blog posts lately where people set themselves fairly 'sensible' career and lifestyle goals. Yeah, 'sensible' really isn't my style... no one has fun if they are being 'sensible' all the time. Instead, I like to write myself a list of fun activities I would like to experience... and if I don't end up doing all of them, it's not the end of the world because they're not super serious goals. If you think, "huh... this actually sounds like a good idea." Then check out my list bellow, it might give you some ideas.
  • Go to as many crazy, fun locations as possible and take blog pictures
  • Have a shopping day in Paris and buy myself something designer
  • Have a summer beach bonfire party
  • Go on a horse trail ride
  • Host a super cool Halloween party
  • Write a book
  • Visit Sketch in London
  • Go on an epic holiday when I finish Uni
  • Go back to New York
  • Go to at least one fashion week
  • Make more of my own dresses
  • Go bungee jumping
  • See lots of awesome views
  • Attend many fabulous fashion events
  • Make my own walk-in style closet  
  • Start walking and see where I end up
  • Go swing dancing

Sometimes I think people need to take a break from playing, 'the game of life' and have some fun.  

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