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A Holiday from the Holidays

"Why I need a break from the festive season, by Rosa Fairfield"

Don't get me wrong, I love the Christmas holidays; hot chocolate, fairy lights, party dresses and cranberry sauce, yes please. The cold, cold weather I am not so good with. I belong in a warmer climate, (I know, not very British of me).

If you are anything like me, then I recommend a brief (or long) escape. That can mean a holiday or: a trip to a sauna, hibernating for a few months or finding a heated greenhouse, (a little random, but it made for an interesting photo-shoot.)

The cold weather clearly hasn't done me any good. So far this week I have managed to:

1. Fall down an escalator (the whole split legs and sliding down on my bottom routine)

2. Lose the key to my locker (security had to get the wire cutters out)

3. Have some drunken guy on the train decide it would be funny to sit on my lap.

 I swear my life is a Rom Com... but maybe without the Rom. To top things off I now have the flu. It is safe to say the whole hibernating idea sounds good.

How is the festive season working out for you so far? Please leave a comment bellow.