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Fashion: 1960s Plaid Coats


Plaid Coats & 60s Vibes
Collaboration with Stylewe

My obsession with plaid and the 60s explained, photographs and words by Rosa Fairfield

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I'm seeing so many different variations of plaid right now. I am epsically loving the pattern on coats. Plaid is defined as: the crossing of different sized lines, to form grids.

Although, unlike this jacket, it usually forms boxes of different sizes and colours.

However, I love the minimal grid effect of this coat. It gives it some interest, instead of being a block colour, without becoming too busy.

The red and black also work well together and can be paired  with a variety of different colours.

The coat is warm, cosy and soft to touch. It also looks great both worn open and closed, as it comes with a wrap around belt.

I was particularly drawn to this piece as it has a 1960s vibe, with  the straight cut, bright colour and plaid pattern.

The 60s are one of my favourite eras. I love the fun, yet elegant fashion and larger than life hairdos.

People always seem to tell me, my outfits have a certain 50s/60s look with a contemporary twist.

I get a lot of my inspiration from that period, but I never have had the desire to fully copy a certain style. I like to create something fresh and new.

After all, isn't this what fashion is?

Thank-you for reading. Do you have a favourite era? Please leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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