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5 Hacks to Simplify Life

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A lot of people will tell you that the best and easiest way to simplify life is to pay someone else to do things for you. A lot of times, you can simplify things for yourself and it won’t cost you much or anything at all. Simplifying life can be quite simple in itself, and if you implement a few new things into your day, you will find yourself not being so stressed. Here are five ways you can simplify your life to make things a whole lot easier.

Create a Space For Yourself
This is a two-part kind of hack, and it is free of charge. Not only do you need to physically make space for yourself, but you must also make mental and emotional space for yourself. To start, begin your day alone. For some, that may be difficult. Children and spouses take up a lot of your morning especially if your family works and learns from home or in some kind of hybrid style.

If you can, get up a bit early and just sit with yourself and organize your day, your mind, and your thoughts. After about an hour, start the day, but you will be starting from a place of feeling grounded and in control of what needs to get done.

Physically, have a space that is all your own. Whether it is a reading nook, a workspace, or a place for hobbies, have a space that you can retreat to that is all your own. This will give you the area to cool down, get your thoughts together, and escape if your day starts feeling stressful.

Get a Slow Cooker
Slow cookers are your best friend. With just a little bit of prep work, you can have an entire meal cooking all day long. Press a few buttons and you don’t have to worry until dinner time. This not only frees up your time to get other things done, but slow cookers can almost guarantee a tasty meal.

Meals like an instant pot pot roast come out juicy, flavorful, and packed with nutrition for you and your whole family. Put everything in the pot first thing in the morning and set it for dinner time, and all you have to do is take the lid off and serve. Life and making dinner are a whole lot easier.

Do One Thing At a Time
Multitasking is overrated. Unless you work in a restaurant and have a busy section, there is no need to do three things at one time. Set a schedule for yourself when the day starts and prioritize everything. Then, tick things off the list as the day goes on. There is something to be said for ticking things off a list that make you feel accomplished and productive. When you feel productive, you are more inclined to get more done than you originally planned, which in some cases will put you ahead.

When you multitask, you can get frustrated and overwhelmed, and those feelings will make you want to stop everything you are doing and just give up. Do yourself a favor and make things more simple for yourself by doing one thing at a time. There is more productivity in simplicity.

Exercising makes people happy and makes people feel good about themselves. Exercise is also a motivator for being your best self. When a person does something good for themselves like working out, they are more inclined to be better to themselves, eat better, and have better mental health. The best part is, working out is free. You can workout at home, go for walks in your town, or go for runs in your town.

If you want to join a gym, a lot of gyms charge very little for a membership. If you feel that working out is stressful, break it down into small increments that you feel comfortable with. Do a little bit at a time or do just enough to see the positive effects. Not everyone works out to look like a Greek god. Working out can sometimes just feel great.

Set Aside Email Time
The constant reception of email can cause an overstimulation of the brain. This can cause you to feel anxious, feel worried, and feel buried underneath a mound of work and people waiting for a response. In order to free yourself from this kind of bondage and fear, set aside time when you look through your emails. Get to them all at once.