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The Working Man's Experience Of NYC

It may be grey and gloomy at times, but New York City is known as the city that keeps on striving. Many working people live in the city, they love the culture they have built and are surrounded by. It's a shame that more travellers don’t want to experience this side of the city because this is what make it what it is. The hustle and bustle, of all different kinds of people trying to make it. They work hard and enjoy their city as their own home. No matter where they are in the five different and uniquely distinct boroughs, they always know their way home. It's kind of like one giant neighborhood in fact. Word travels fast around the city streets, and it's because everyone talks to each other. Whether you like it not you’re always going to have to interact with lots of people in your day to get what you want and to get to where you want to go. However, what kind of things should you do to feel like a real regular born and bred New Yorker?

The New York slice

New York is the best place in America for pizza. There is no doubt any anyone’s mind that this city is where the pizza culture the nation now enjoys started. Italian immigrants came over and brought their cooking traditions along. The traditional neapolitan pizza slowly evolved into something more hearty and richer in flavor. Nowadays, it's called the New York slice. It's simply cheese, tomato sauce and maybe a little sprinkling of garlic bread crumbs or chopped basil. Where should you go? Head into the Lower East Side and into Williamsburg Pizza. A large triangular slice, with gooey full fat mozzarella and sweet tangy tomato sauce and all for just $3. If you want to go to the holy grail of NYC pizza, walk into Joe’s Pizza and get any kind of slice they sell. The cheese is a blend of hard and soft fat, and the sauce has been simmered down to a concentrated flavor.

The live energy

Watching a live performance is a natural thing to do for any New Yorker. They have access to so many live shows that seeing a couple every month or so is no big deal. Anyone can book their nyc tickets to shows on Broadway online and have the seats reserved ahead of time. Great shows like Waitress and Passport to Iron City are loved by locals and tourists alike. They share a story of struggle and eventually heading to a victorious end. If there’s one city that doesn’t look down on anyone regarding with a dream. The energy in these live performances is easily felt right to the back of the hall because many of the Broadway theaters are actually quite intimate. Many families come to watch such performances as it's right on their doorstep and very affordable.

Working people are what makes New York City what it is. It might be filled with steam and grey buildings, but the atmosphere is creative and filled with so many family trees.