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Personal Style: Is Technology Making Us Lonely?

We live in a world that is more connected than ever. You just need to press a button to communicate but more and more people are saying they're lonely. Makes sense?

Thoughts from Rosa Fairfield, photographs by Linda & David Smith

New Years Eve, I watched my cousins get texts off their friends wishing them Happy New Year. I made a silly joke (as I do) about how I'd got no messages but on some level I also registered that, that made me feel lonely. Is technology making us feel lonely?

We want too much of others
When you know it's so easy for someone to contact you, you can start to take for granted that they'll always respond, like it's their duty. It can be addictive and can make you want to overshare every single thought with someone.

Mind games
It plays tricks on the mind. I have a million and one examples but here are a few:

  • The meaning of messages gets lost because you can't read someone's tone of voice so arguments are created from simple misunderstandings. 
  • If someone doesn't call or text you, you can start to question why and presume that they don't care.
  •  You get hooked with starting to check your phone all the time. 
  • You can analyse every detail of every message over and over again.

A group of people together all on their phone
It's sad when you see a group of people sitting together but instead of talking to each other they're on their phone. It can be kinda of helpful when you are with a group of people that you feel uncomfortable around because it gives you an excuse not to talk. But if you're friends with someone, especially if you don't see them often and they're on their phone texting someone else, that can be lonely.

You don't even need to interact anymore
Social media allows you to catch-up with a person's life without the need to actually interact with them. So, you can be constantly visiting someone's profile and think you're keeping up with someone's life, when really the other person has no idea and can start to feel lonely.

Making time vs having no time 
I feel like the classic excuse people give is: 'sorry we haven't spoke, I've been so busy'. If someone is important to you, surely you should make time for them? That doesn't mean going on a trip to Disneyland together, it could just a quick one line message, that takes two seconds to type, about something in your day that you know the other person will enjoy.

The worst is when a person tells you they didn't have time and then you find out they've had long text conversations with other people.

I'm starting to sound dramatic so I'm gonna leave this here because it kinda sounds like a super miserable post and I don't want to bum anyone out (people aren't all rubbish and the world isn't going down the toilet, I promise, life is hard but also beautiful, fun and magical).