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Thursday, 24 March 2016


Scrapbook: Girly Vibes

I've been scrapbooking for about a year. It's become my creative outlet, to store memories and ideas. My mind works in a visual way so I find this more useful than a written diary. A couple of days ago, I had the idea of creating a fashion scrapbook - dedicated to all my fashion inspiration. I thought this would be fun to include in the blog, so you can follow my scrapbooking journey. 

I have dedicated this entry to girly vibes. It is no secret that I am a very feminine person, I love fluffy pens and glitter. Yet, when it comes to fashion, I'm not one to express my girly nature in the most stereotypical way - steering clear of the girly, preppy look. Instead, I mix up floaty, yet structured, dresses and skirts, with fun bold patterns. This gives my outfits a chic feel. Pastels are also a must, and work great for springtime. My favourites being: lilac and powder blue. They are such beautiful colours, which give off a feminine vibe - without being as stereotypical as pink. 

Normally, when I want to create an outfit with a girly feel, I steer clear of anything that looks too perfect or neat. For example: I'll rock slightly messy hair or a loose fitting tee. Due to the way I look, if I style myself in a neat and feminine way, it either gives off the impression that I'm a little girl or a toy doll.

Great brands to look at for this style are: Ted Baker and Kate Spade. I also would recommend Skinny Dip - they have great range of unicorn products at the moment. 

How do you rock the feminine look? Feel free to discuss bellow.


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