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Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Stories: Spade & Ted

Spade & Ted equals the perfect relationship

The adjective I would choose to describe myself is ‘whimsical’. Therefore, it is no surprise, that two of my favourite designers are Kate Spade and Ted Baker. With their feminine, classic and whimsical vibe, pairing the British and American brands brings a smile to my face. I especially love my Ted Baker pursue, with it’s cute punderful design, who could resist?

Stationary and bath products are my jam! Here you can see some of my stationary staples - my chic Kate Spade notebook for the year, and my classic Paperchase fluffy pen. To the left of these are: my current Yankee Candle and soap roses. These two are a must if you want a luxurious bath time treat!

Notebook & Bag: Kate Spade 
Purse: Ted Baker
Candle: Yankee Candle


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